Radiation-proof building

VarioShield provides you with all you need to fit radiation-proof rooms. We also happily give you advice and construction guidance. So you can be sure that the radiation-proof rooms are truly safe.

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Our products range from lead lined plaster boards to radiation-proof doors, and from lead bricks to radiation-proof windows. Whether you need our products in a hospital, dentist surgery or veterinary clinic, we will come to a solution together and ensure that every room is radiation proof.

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  • Radiation-proof wall systems

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Protection against radioactive isotopes in the Princess Máxima Center

Thanks to the VarioShield lead lined plaster panels and lead bricks, paediatric oncologists can make diagnoses and carry out treatments safely.

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Safety a priority at the Zaans Medical Centre

Not only the hospital staff but also the fitters can work safely thanks to the smaller, easier-to-handle VarioShieldPlus panels.

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